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Dr Dino
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PostSubject: Dr Dino   Dr Dino I_icon_minitimeSun Jul 03, 2011 4:41 pm

Im the Mod of PS3 forums at the moment, and hopefully will be one for a long time.

Im Dino, I dont bite, (because i has dentures D: )

Basically, Im gonna be helpful and nice.]

BUT I ask of 3 things:
1) Follow Forum rules (as per usual)
2) No spamming "+rep me", if you want it add the question to your sig, but dont ask ever time you post something.
3) If a question thread has been answered, do not post the same thing previous people have said again. In my opinion this counts as spam and any posts like this will be deleted. Same for posts with "Yeah basically what _______ said"

Get on the wrong side of me and you will know about it.

lol! Off Topic Moderator. lol!
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Dr Dino

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