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 Useful staff/user resources.

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Useful staff/user resources. Dr1_administrator

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Useful staff/user resources. Empty
PostSubject: Useful staff/user resources.   Useful staff/user resources. I_icon_minitimeSun Jul 17, 2011 4:58 pm

Forum staff resources.-

1.) always use / before doing a action at the end of a thread.

example: /Locked or /Solved or /Infracted + locked.

This will clear up explaining if the user is curious of why the post action has occured.

Dont abuse the infraction system.
only give infractions if they are biast to the forum rules.

3.) reputation is to be given for helpful posts
no Rep 4 rep is allowed on this forum and if abused
user will be infracted

Mods are responsible for keeping all forums organized and clean of any
thing that is inappropriate sex related or move sections to the right section.

Mod tools are located at the footer of the topic.
to give infractions go onto a users profile and click the arrow under infractions.
To give rep or subtract rep the icon is at the top right of a users post.
Reward points are given for posting,being online regulary and giving cookies. (top of users post)
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Useful staff/user resources.

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